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Martine Simonis
Chargée relations entreprises
T : 04 382 45 18 | Mail

Elisabeth D'Eleuterio
T : 04 382 44 46 | Mail

Maria Sciortino
T : 04 382 44 63 | Mail

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Formulaire de renseignements

Cathy Lambert
T : 04 382 44 58 | Mail

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> Formations  Informatique / Solutions d'entreprise / ERP, CRM et logiciels de comptabilité

Financial Accounting in SAP S/4HANA – Academy Part 2 (1 and 2)

Type de formation :  | Participants : 12  | Durée : 10 jours

> Objectifs

Become familiar with the configuration and usage of Asset Accounting and Closing Operations

> Public

Application Consultant for Financial Accounting

> Prérequis

Knowledge of the training "Financial Accounting in SAP S/4HANA – Academy Part 1"

> Programme

Part I:

Unit 1:   Organizational Structures

  • Assigning a Chart of Accounts and a Chart of Depreciation to a Company Code.
  • Assigning Management Accounting Objects to Fixed assets
  • Defining How Depreciation Areas Post to the General Ledger
  • Understanding the Importance of Asset Classes in Fixed Assets.

Unit 2:   Master Data

  • Explaining the Components of an Asset Class
  • Creating and Changing Master Data in Asset Accounting    
  • Create Asset Master Records
  • Maintain Time-Dependent Data
  • Carrying Out Mass Changes to Asset Master Data Using a Worklist Define the User
  • Fields and Mass Changes of asset Master Records

Unit 3:   Asset Transactions         

  • Processing Acquisitions
  • Post an Integrated Asset Acquisition and Analyze the Asset Value in the Asset Explorer
  • Analyze the Asset Value in the SAP Fiori App Manage Fixed Assets
  • Posting Non-Integrated Asset Acquisitions and Understanding the Integration with Materials Management
  • Posting Integrated and Non-Integrated Asset Retirements
  • Performing Transfers Within Company Code and Intercompany Asset Transfers
  • Representing, Distributing, and Settling Assets Under Construction
  • Entering and Analyzing Unplanned Depreciation          

Unit 4:   Periodic Processing and Valuation

  • Defining Depreciation Areas, Keys, Calculation, and Posting
  • Executing Programs for Fiscal Year Change and Year-End Closing in Asset Accounting
  • Parallel Accounting in Asset Accounting

Unit 5:   Information System

  • Executing Various Asset Accounting Reports Using SAP List Viewer and Sort Variants
  • Executing Depreciation and Transaction Simulation
  • Understanding the Layout of an Asset History Sheet

Unit 6:   Legacy Data Transfer

Entering Legacy Data Manually

Part II:

Unit 1:   Financial Closing Overview and Basic Settings

  • Explaining the Periodic Closing Process

Unit 2:   Financial Statements

  • Managing Financial Statements
  • Using SAP S/4HANA Reporting Options

Unit 3:   Fixed and Current Assets

  • Executing Closing Activities Within Asset Accounting
  • Managing Closing Activities in Materials Management

Unit 4:   Receivables and Payables

  • Creating Balance Confirmations
  • Managing the Foreign Currency Valuation
  • Managing Value Adjustments
  • Regrouping Receivables and Payables

Unit 5:   Accruals and Deferrals  

  • Posting Accruals and Deferrals
  • Using the Accrual Engine

Unit 6:   Technical, Organizational, and Documentary Closing Activities

  • Managing Technical Steps During the Period-End Closing Activities
  • Executing the Balance Audit Trail
  • Explaining the Purpose of Document Splitting in General Ledger Accounting
  • Posting Ledger Group-Specific FI Documents

Unit 7:   Financial Closing Cockpit              

  • Managing the Financial Closing Cockpit

Unit 8:   Intercompany Reconciliation

  • Performing the Intercompany Reconciliation Process


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