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Formulaire de renseignements

Martine Simonis
Chargée relations entreprises
T : 04 382 45 18 | Mail

Elisabeth D'Eleuterio
T : 04 382 44 46 | Mail

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> Formations  Informatique / Management Informatique / Méthodes

Foundations in Business Management

Type de formation :  | Participants : 8  | Durée : 3 jours

> Objectifs

During this 3-days intensive workshop, participants will be introduced in the fascinating world of Business/Organizational management.

> Public

Administrateurs et responsables IT

> Prérequis

> Programme

In an inspiring and interactive context, the following topics will be covered:

  • the layers of a business/organizational framework
  • the primary functions of management;
  • team dynamics;
  • conflict management;
  • time management.

The combination of lecturing and proven models, surveys, studies and individual+group exercises will allow participants to gain practical insight and develop reflexes about:

  • management and its components;
  • identifying, structuring and using resources;
  • working with people from different perspectives (cfr leadership);
  • individual & time management;
  • interactivity and interdependences between effectiveness and people, resources and time.

Upon completion of this exciting training course, participants will have acquired a set of practical tips and tricks, balanced against the pitfalls of:

  • a structured and effective way of managing and organization;
  • planning, organizing, directing and controlling resources;
  • the importance of being aware of the needs of people;
  • working with people and being a member of a team;
  • dealing with constraints, risks, change, stress, and time.

which will allow them to use and to implement these quickly in their daily work environment.

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