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Sabine Cornet
T : 04 382 44 71 | Mail

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> Formations  Informatique / / Réseaux informatiques

Fundamentals of IPV6

Type de formation :  | Durée : 70 heures

> Objectifs

 Implementing, maintaining, servicing and monitoring IPV6 networks, acquiring a solid understanding of IPV6 technology in a vendor-neutral environment, in addition to helping him getting entry-level credentials to pass certifications.

> Public

 Secondary, Vocational, and High school learners, staff with a background on IT such as network designers/engineers and VoIP System Administrators.

> Prérequis

 Comprehensive understanding and experience of how a networks works

> Méthode

This course is strictly online .
IPv6 is a complex technology that requires a wide range of skills. So this course will help the learner develop:
• The understanding of IPV6 technology implementation
• The ability to design, configure, test and maintain Network systems and system gateways.
• The skills to diagnose/troubleshoot and resolve local wired and wireless IP network design, connectivity, routing, and administration, but also mobile communications
• e-Competences such as surfing the course, performing online tests with detailed instructions, technology watching

> Spécifications techniques

Configuration minimale requise: Windows XP et plus, Mozilla Firefox à jour ou Internet explorer 8 et +.
Le plug in Flasplayer mis à jour . 

> Programme

Objectives and Content divided into 8 chapters, unit exercises and quizzes
Chapter 1: History and features
Chapter 2: Security, Mobility and Mechanism transition
Chapter 3: ICMPv6, Status, IPv6 routing
Chapter 4: Domain name Service
Chapter 5: DHCPv6
Chapter 6: Security Issues
Chapter 7: Access Control Lists
Chapter 8: Migration Approach
Course labs

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